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논문 게시글
제목 체질에 따른 스트레스와 비만도가 대사증후군 유병률에 미치는 영향
등록일 2018-06-18 첨부파일
구분 학진
학술지 사상체질의학회지
발표일 2018-03-28
저자 유하나, 백영화, 김호석, 이시우, 서복남
This study is to identify the relationship between stress, obesity and metabolic syndrome (MetS) by Sasang constitution (SC) and to use it as a basic data for the customized healthcare system of chronic disease management.
In a cross-sectional study conducted in a rural area of the Gyeongju area in 2014, we extracted data on 1,847 people using data from Korean medicine Data Center (KDC). The SC types diagnosed by Sasang constitutional medicine doctor. The stress was measured by the psychosocial well-being index questionnaire, and the obesity was defined by the body mass index.
In all SC type, the stress and obesity was associated with MetS. There was a significant difference in the prevalence and trend of MetS according to presence of stress and obesity. The prevalence of MetS was the highest in Taeumin with all the stress and obesity, in order of Soeumin and Soyangin. Regardless SC types, the stress was associated with higher risk of MetS in the obese but not in the nonobese.
The results of this study indicate that further research is necessary to the SC types for the management of the Metabolic syndrome according to stress and obesity.

*원문신청: kdc@kiom.re.kr