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논문 게시글
제목 체질별 성격요인이 수면에 미치는 영향
등록일 2021-12-23 첨부파일
구분 학진
학술지 사상체질의학회지
발표일 2021-09-30
저자 김상혁(한국한의학연구원) 외
1. Objectives
The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of personality by each Sasang constitution on sleep using Positive Affect and Negative Affect Schedule(PANAS) and NEO-personality inventory(NEO-PI).

2. Methods
The subjects of this study were 2,078 people who had information on Sasang constitutional type and personality(PANAS, NEO-PI) among the data established at the Korean Medicine Data Center. Sleep time and sleep quality were investigated through self-written questionnaires. Sleep time was collected by hand-writing, and sleep quality was checked on a 4 point Likert scale. Pearson correlation analysis was conducted to see the correlation between personality and sleep in each constitutional type. Logistic regression was performed using personality as independent variables to find out how much personality affects sleep time. In order to find out how much personality affects sleep quality, regression analysis was performed using personality as independent variables.

3. Results & Conclusions
Sleep time was hardly affected by personality. As a result of Pearson correlation analysis, sleep time in all subjects did not show a significant correlation with personality. In logistic regression on sleep time as the dependent variable, no statistically significant results were obtained except for the Negative Affect(NA) in Taeeumin. Sleep quality showed a statistically significant correlation with the negative affect(NA), neuroticism(N), extraversion(E), Physical Component Summary(PCS) and Mental Component Summary(MCS). As a result of regression analysis on sleep quality as the dependent variable, neuroticism(N), negative affect(NA), positive affect(PA), and extraversion(E) were found in the factors affecting sleep quality. Besides, how much personality affected sleep quality might differ in each constitution. In all constitutions, sleep quality was affected by N, but the rank of N was different in each constitution. The sleep quality of Soyangin was not affected by E, and the sleep quality of Taeeumin was specifically affected by O.

*원문신청: kdc@kiom.re.kr