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논문 게시글
제목 Study on the Anthropometric and Body Composition Indices for Prediction of Cold and Heat Pattern
등록일 2021-12-23 첨부파일
구분 학진
학술지 대한한의학회지
발표일 2021-12-01
저자 문수정, 이시우(한국한의학연구원) 외
Objectives: Many symptoms of cold and heat patterns are related to the thermoregulation of the body. Thus, we
aimed to study the association of cold and heat patterns with anthropometry/body composition.
Methods: The cold and heat patterns of 2000 individuals aged 30–55 years were evaluated using a self-administered
Results: Among the anthropometric and body composition variables, body mass index (-0.37, 0.39) and fat mass
index (-0.35, 0.38) had the highest correlation coefficients with the cold and heat pattern scores after adjustment for
age and sex in the cold-heat group, while the correlation coefficients were relatively lower in the non-cold-heat
group. In the cold-heat group, the most parsimonious model for the cold pattern with the variables selected by the
best subset method and Lasso included sex, body mass index, waist-hip ratio, and extracellular water/total body water
(adjusted R2 = 0.324), and the model for heat pattern additionally included age (adjusted R2 = 0.292).
Conclusions: The variables related to obesity and water balance were the most useful for predicting cold and heat
patterns. Further studies are required to improve the performance of prediction models.

*원문신청: kdc@kiom.re.kr